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Read on for everything you should know before booking a nail art appointment

Nail salon 73012 - DiVa’s Nails & Spa - Nail salon in Edmond, OK : Read on for everything you should know before booking a nail art appointment, from how to prepare, what to expect, and secret tips that will keep you happy weeks after your first nail art appointment ends.

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Nail art has exploded onto the manicure and pedicure scene, leading thousands to book appointments with talented nail art design techs. But what many first-timers don’t know is that getting complicated nail art isn’t the same procedure as a regular mani or pedi — and those intricate works of mini-art can easily cost much, much more.

Do Your Research

Before you even think about booking your first nail art appointment, you should scour Instagram, Pinterest, street art, magazines — anything to give you a solid idea of what kind of nail art look you want. Having a solid idea of the look you want and the material necessary will help you narrow down the right nail art manicurist for you.

Get An Estimate Before You Go In

Nail art is exactly what the name suggests: Art. Therefore, it doesn’t come cheap. And the more intricate and time-consuming your desires, the higher the cost. Therefore, you may want to ask the nail salon if you can email an example of the look you’re hoping to achieve and receive an estimate before you commit.

Bonus: This step ensures your nail technician can actually deliver the look you’re going for.

Be Realistic About Whether Or Not Your Wishes Match Your Lifestyle

Nail art is a bit of an investment, so you’ll want to think hard about whether or not the look you’re requesting will fit into your life for the next several weeks. Choosing tiny pole dancers for a bachelorette party this weekend may seem like a great idea in the moment, but you might regret the choice during an important business meeting the following week.

Set Aside Plenty Of Time

The Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day, and you can’t expect nail art to go much faster. Most designs take a couple of hours to complete, so it’s probably not a great idea to swing in during your lunch break.

Remember Less Really Is More

It’s easy to get a little carried away during your first nail art appointment. Most first-timers feel like kids in a candy store. But many nail art techs actually advise clients to take it easy in the beginning. Not only does going overboard have the potential to leave you overwhelmed by your nails, it can be a serious hit to the pocketbook.


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