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The purpose of foot masks is to seal in and retain moisture

The purpose of foot masks is to seal in and retain moisture and deliver a soothing solution to feet that have seen better days. A foot mask coats the foot with a thick layer of product and is left on for a period of time to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin and hydrate it. Many foot masks also help rejuvenate the feet by promoting the sloughing off of dead skin cells.

Nail salon 73012 - DiVa’s Spa & Nails - Manicure near me Edmond, OK : There is a wide array of foot masks used in nail salons today, many of which are infused with relaxing botanicals, natural ingredients, and essential oils. Most foot masks are clay or gel-based, often with micro-scrubs like apricot granules, pumice, and alumina.

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A foot mask as part of a pedicure is often all about the indulgence, so today’s masks often contain everything from chocolate to citrus to mint to mud. Many nail salons offer seasonal foot masks, such as pumpkin foot masks in the fall and peppermint foot masks during the holidays. Many foot masks include ingredients that make them smell as good as they feel!

Foot masks are rubbed into the feet, allowed to remain on the feet for a few minutes, and then rinsed or toweled off. Seaweed masks consist of seaweed leaves that are soaked in a solution and then wrapped around the feet.

Just a sampling of the unique foot masks being offered in nail salons throughout the country include:

  • Cooling Pedicure Purifying Mask with seabuckthorn and acai
  • Warming Clay Masque
  • Citrus Foot Mask with shea butter, almond oil, ad citrus extracts
  • Spearmint Foot Pack with white clay and peppermint
  • Volcano Foot Mask with kaolin and pumice
  • Seaweed Foot Mask
  • Foot Mask with spearmint and tea tree oil
  • Deep Moisturizing Collagen and Vitamin E Foot Mask
  • Eucalyptus Foot Mask
  • Purifying Foot Mask with papaya extract and essential oils
  • Honey and Walnut Foot Masque


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